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Most of the time, our compensation arises from you “clicking on a link” from our website. Therefore, if you visit the website on your own, we will usually, not be compensated.

There may exist some exceptions to this notion, depending on the way each company tracks their affiliate referrals.

Some affiliate links are added automatically with the help of software, which connects specific keywords within the content dynamically. Others are added after the post is written. In other words, most affiliate links are added incidentally or subsequently.

On the contrary, some links do not have any affiliation or compensation whatsoever, but are included for the same reasons expressed above i.e if we find the link to provide value to our readers, then we will include them irregardless of any compensation or lack thereof.

Typical results are exceedingly difficult to predict or measure, as all markets, businesses, motives, and results are unique. Yours will be no exception.

As with most training programs or information products, by their very nature, all results are atypical.

Such programs might not suit everyone’s needs. Therefore, it is impossible for anyone to predict how, or even if, you will use the information provided in your specific business.

As with every business venture, there’s always an element of risk. You even stand a chance to lose money. So please use discretion when making a purchasing decision.

All testimonials and case studies, if any, are collected from people who have had personal experience with  products or services and they have each submitted their kind words willingly.

Some of endorsements on other people’s products are the result of receiving a free review copy.

In some cases, we may be an affiliate.

Here at PipBandits, we only provide honest reviews, if we feel the product/service has merit.

All products/services reviewed are selected because we either purchased the products, know their authors, obtained it for evaluation purposes, believing that these products could provide value to our customers and followers.

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